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Camp Information

What Campers Take With Them

Each camper, parent, and their coaches will leave with a working knowledge of how to drill the skills needed to be a successful catcher.  We encourage parents and coaches to attend and learn with their campers.  You may video drills if you wish.  It’s not just what campers do while they are at camp that will make them better, but what campers do on a routine basis on their own.  Each camper receives a camp t-shirt and tons of confidence to go play the position with pride and passion.

Age Groups

Camps are divided into two age groups, one for ages 7 through 12 called the Youth Camp and another for players age 13 through high school called the Varsity Camp.  
This allows us to better differentiate the teaching of age appropriate mechanics and drills. 
All camps are open to both baseball and softball catchers (unless otherwise noted).


2022-2023 Camp Registration is now open!

Tentative Training Game Plan

Each day is broken down into different groups of instruction.  Camp check-in is 30 minutes prior to the first day of camp.

  • Day 1

    • Stances, Receiving, Blocking & Pop Ups

  • Day 2

    • Throwing, Bunt Plays, Plays at the Plate & Review

Drills and skills presented in camp if practiced routinely will improve your catcher’s game.

Any necessary communication regarding camp will be by email please make sure you’ve received your registration confirmation. 

What to Bring to Camp

All catchers need to bring:

  •  a full set of catchers gear
  • catchers mitt
  • protective cup
  • weather appropriate clothing(some drills may be outside)
  • tennis shoes or molded plastic cleats
  • full water bottle

Breaks and Hydration

Many breaks will be given throughout the camp.

  • sports drinks and a snack are often provided at each camp
  • campers are encouraged to bring their own drinks and snacks as well